Bug reporting

Where to file your issue if it regards:

Considerations when reporting a bug or adding a feature request

Before you open an issue:

  • Check to see that the issue is indeed new by carefully reviewing the existing issues.

While filing your issue:

  • Use a issue template if available, this categorizes your insights into more actionable items for those seeking to address it
  • Tell a story! Give us enough background so that we can replicate exactly what you did.
  • Include a success criterion. How do we know we've succeeded in addressing the issues without contacting you again?
  • Err on providing more, rather than less information.
  • Provide a meaningful title that identifies your role, and what you seek to accomplish, e.g. As an X I need Y to do Z

Some other conventions:

  • If you have the permissions, categorize your issue using a label.
  • Use the prefix "Task -" in the name to indicate the request for a new or improved task.