Contributions can come in many different ways, not all are technical. How do I contribute? You can always contact us with questions.

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Ideas, feature requests

Provide an interface or workflow idea

First, thanks, this is complicated stuff. Interface (e.g. forms, reports, searches) mockups are graphical ways of asking for new features. We love to see them. To create a mock-up you can use tools like Illustrator, Photoshop, or more technical design tools like Balsamiq or Sketch, or just draw them on paper and take a picture with your phone. The issue templates have inputs for handling images, just drag and drop them there. Add a little story, or multiple pictures to help describe how you might use the interface.

Provide a suggestion for a feature or improvement via a video

Send! It is super useful for you to record your screen, or position a video camera to capture your work on-screen and arround you. This way we see exactly how you work. You can send us big videos through file sharing services like in new window. Find ways to Contact us here.


Follow TaxonWorks code conventions

  • Various files exist in the code-base.
  • We have code linter (Rubocop), but it is not heavily used. With growth this may change.

Submit changes to the code base or repository

  • Forkopen in new window the repository on Github
  • Make a new branch off of the development branch
    • It helps if the branch tracks an issue number, like 1234_my_feature_request
  • If you have experience, rebase your branch against development before making a pull request
  • From your repository on Github select your branch, and use buttons there to make a pull request.

Document the code?

TaxonWorks code documentationopen in new window is done inline with Yard tagsopen in new window.


Project management

Categorize a Issue on Github

Not everyone has permissions to label issues.See their in new window