TaxonWorks offers taxonomists, collections staff, and others to collaboratively manage collections data for specimens and related objects.

Uniquely in TaxonWorks, we make it easy up-front to add customized fields (aka "data attributes") where needed. In addtion, in TW you can upload data mapped to Darwin Core, to specific fields in TW, and to these customized data attributes you add.

Digitization Quick Start

TW provides a suite of common tasks help you to manage your digitization and related data. This section assumes you have some familiarity with the TW user interface conventions and introduces new user interface features where needed. Next, please familiarize yourself some of the tasks TW offers directly relevant to digitization.

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Comprehensive Digitization

To get a sense of what can be tracked regarding specimens in your collection, see the Comprehensive Digitization Task in TW outlined next. Note also that you may enter data into TW record-by-record, or in batch mode (see Import and Export).

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Label Printing

There are many places where you can print labels from different tasks in TaxonWorks, including unit trays, specimen labels, and identifiers. The main task where you manage what is finally printed is Print Labels, but labels are generated within a variety of other tasks.

Printing Header Labels

Legend: Filter Nomenclature Task Box
  • To create a set of new header labels.
    • Search for Filter Nomenclature search bar and click the task box.
    • Use the various search parameters on the left to create a list of names you want to have on header labels.
      • For example, you can select a higher taxon, then check descendents to include all of its children.
      • Legend: Filter Nomenclature Task
    • Once you have a list of names you want to create header labels for, check the Select All Box or select individual names.
    • Legend: Radial Label
    • A "Labels Created" success box will pop-up. Your labels should now be ready in the Print Labels task.

There will be a user guide for Print Labels here.

  • This is a list of instructions
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Did you know

  • You can generate many labels from many different places, then select which ones to print later?