Community Documentation

Those using TW often create their own software manuals. They also produce customized workflows, protocols and procedures for specific tasks. Here, everyone can share access, input, and curation for these products.


Universal Chalcidoidea Database (UCD) Project

  • Help Documentation from UCD@TWopen in new window The Universal Chalcidoidea Database (UCD) Project in TW shares their manual with detailed instructions for using TaxonWorks to collectively manage nomenclatural and related taxonomic information for this group. Currently at version 2-19.

Orthoptera Species File (OSF) Community

  • Guide to using filters in TaxonWorksopen in new window The OSF community shares this manual to help all of us learn how to use the filters in TaxonWorks (e. g. Filter Nomenclature, Filter Sources, Filter CollectionObjects, Filter OTUs). Much of this how-to use filters will find its way into the shared cross-project documentation. Contact María Belén Cabrera mabecabrera at to contribute and for questions.


INHS Insect Collection Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS)

  • Guide to INHS TaxonWorks Tasksopen in new window This guide is very much a work in progress, and is intermittently uploaded, mostly by TC McElrath (contact monotomidae at for questions or if you have any comments.