Start a project

Before you start a project it is important to understand:

  • TaxonWorks is open-source software that can be installed by anyone who wishes to.
  • There is no one central TaxonWorks installation.
  • One installation (sometimes referred to as "an instance") of TaxonWorks supports the creation of many projects.
  • Organizations or individuals who collaborate with you by sharing their installation of TaxonWorks are doing this on their own terms. These terms may vary.

Finding a collaborating provider

The following is a list of organizations or individuals with TaxonWorks installations.

If you wish to be added to this list contact us or make a pull request.

ProviderContactShares sandbox?Accepting collaborators?
Species File Groupopen in new windowDeborah Paulyesyes

New projects in sandboxes

Some providers (see above) offer accounts in "sandboxes", i.e. test or example use. Each provider may have their own conditions as to how a sandbox should be used, be sure to understand the terms of use before using a sandbox account. Please read:

Manging your own instance of TaxonWorks

Running your own server

At present see the install_taxonworks repositoryopen in new window.

Offline/local use

Is possible to use TaxonWorks locally, for example developers have active instances they work with.


  • Offline use is not officially suported at the moment, however the core developers are open to discussing making this happen.
  • Offline TaxonWorks runs slower than online, however if you are serious about making it work the developers can work with you to tune your setup.
  • Besides the various means of import and export there are no direct syncronization methods from offline to online projects.